• Lumintech, révèle l'éclat des bétons la nuit

    LuminTech®reveals concrete brilliance in the dark

LuminTech®, patent pending breakthrough technology

  • LuminTech® is a patented luminescence technology that gives materials, especially concrete, technical and decorative properties that are unmatched in the construction market.
  • The use of LuminTech® in concrete material enables decorative horizontal surfaces, facades, precast parts and designer furniture to be adorned with luminous radiance at night.
  • This technology provides a new perspective on concrete and highlights architectural lines in the dark.
  • LuminTech® also improves users’ visual comfort.
Technologie de rupture

A technology with unique properties

LuminTech® particles absorb UV radiation (natural or artificial) and then release the energy in the form of visible light.

The glow can be seen for more than 10 hours.
(Glow time test report available on request).

LuminTech® technology is approved in accordance with a number of French and European standards.

LuminTech® particles look like natural aggregates by day and take on a different colour by night.

Qualified with respect to several French and European standards

Norm Description
DIN 67510-1
NFX 08 050-1
Very good light emission lasting performance
EN 1097-2 Good resistance to shock fragmentation
EN 1097-1 Good resistance to wear by reciprocal friction
EN 1367-1 Good freeze thaw cycle resistance
NF P 18-579 Low abrasiveness and low grindability
NF EN 933-3 Low flattening coefficient

Give some character to your projects

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  • Garden paths and walkways
  • Terraces
  • Swimming pool surrounding
  • Pavements, cycle paths and unlit roundabouts
  • Exposed aggregate and polished concrete
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Swimming pool surrounding

LuminTech®, an innovation for building materials




  • Unique aesthetic and chromatic qualities
    • Different visual effects in the light and dark
    • A choice of day-time colours that are different from the colours visible at night
    • Day-time colours that imitate natural aggregates
  • An effect on architectural lines
    • Horizontally (landscaping concrete, decorative floor…)
    • Vertically (building façades…)
  • Enhanced visibility and quality of life
    Spaces are more clearly defined, making it easier for users to find their way in the dark



  • Long-tasting material
    The material is designed for intensive use and its performances won’t deteriorate over time
  • Energy efficient
    Can in some cases replace electric lighting at night or lowlight
  • Environmentally friendly
    Composite products made using recycled materials



  • Excellent glow time (more than 10 hours)
  • Good resistance to
    • breakage due to impact
    • friction wear
    • freeze-thaw cycles
    (Test report available on request)
Mise en oeuvre

Easy to place and maintain

Easy to place and maintain

  • Easy to place
    Uses the same production process as for decorative concrete
  • No additional maintenance costs
    Luminous concrete is maintained just like conventional decorative concrete
  • Autonomous process
    Energy absorption and emission cycles alternate without external intervention

LuminTech® technology solutions

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Luminescent particles are applied to the surface and incorporated into the concrete skin

    References available :
  • CHRYSO®Lumin P : White, Stone, Light Grey
  • CHRYSO®Lumin P+ Jade, Agate
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Differents forms (square, round, cylinder, triangle) to be used in precast concrete

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